Tonberry Blanket

I began a new project; something to keep me occupied while watching TV, but that still lets me pay enough attention to the subtitles. Because sometimes that’s important. Not always, but sometimes. I decided that I want something to replace my yellow blanket, which is reaching the 30 year mark, and I’m concerned for its continued safety. So I’m making a tonberry blanket.

That’s the start of it. According to math, which has been known to lie, it’ll be about 1.5 metres square, which is a bit bigger than I wanted it, but will have to do. I had originally thought of using baby-weight yarn, but I looked at the colour selection and nearly puked. Nothing but pastels. How cruel we are to babies.

I’m using Paton’s Astra and a 3.75 mm hook instead. Each square is about 6 cm wide.

That’s my little chart. I opened it up on my mac just now to take the screenshot and it’s got an older version of excel and apparently doesn’t have all the colours. There’s supposed to be a difference between the green and dark blue.

I do all my calculations for yarn amounts by weight. I don’t know how other people do it…


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