Final Fantasy XIV Job Coasters

For when you need 13 coasters, I guess.


I’m back … ish in a wildly successful attempt at procrastination! If you have exams to study for and you very responsibly unsubscribed from your MMO of choice, this is the tool to help you get back off track.

Of note, I moved to Japan some time back and still don’t have much in the way of supplies, so the yarns I’ve been using are mostly what I can find on my commute between home and school. I don’t have any doll supplies either (or space to store them if I did), so I’m not making any of those for the time being.

These guys are double-knit for added thickness and to avoid anything terrible like fair isle or intarsia because I don’t hate myself that much. Each coaster is approximately 11×11 cm.



Chocobo Pattern


Chocobos are one of my favourite parts of the Final Fantasy franchise, so without further ado, let’s go to the races!



FFVII: Jenova

Destruction is Magic!



Animal Crossing New Leaf: Kapp’n

“Remember when’er you hear this song, life is a trip full of discovery!”

I managed to get a blister on my thumb making this guy … I guess taking a month off making amigurumi wasn’t the best plan. He’s about 8 cm high when he’s sitting, and his arms and legs are posable. In the pictures, you’ll notice that the bottom edge of his shell is the dark green, but it’s actually supposed to be white.



Princess Tutu: Anteaterina

Apologies for the long absence, I was living in the woods for the summer. I have a few patterns to share. Anteaterina was made to serve as a reminder to never watch Princess Tutu again. Her arms are wired so she’s a bit poseable, and poly pellets give her legs and tail weight so she can stand. Because sometimes an anteater just wants to be the best ballerina she can be.



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